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Hey, Sailor (Babo)

For the fourth post at the Makeup Museum's On the Water week, I'm bringing you MAC's Hey Sailor collection which was released today (but appeared online last week, so that's how I got my stuff already).  The theme is pretty much identical to that of MAC's 2008 Naughty Nauticals collection:  sexy, vintage pin-up girl-inspired sailor chicks.  But this time around the collection is larger and features limited-edition packaging.

Museum Advisory Committee member Sailor Babo was so, so, SO excited for Hey Sailor and I was too. From the time we saw the first ad...


...to when we got a mailer with the pretty sailor lady...


...we had been eagerly anticipating the release.  It's finally here and I'm loving the navy and white striped packaging just as much as I did when I first laid eyes on it.


I got the highlighter, which has the same stripe design in pastel shades embossed on the powder:




With flash:


I also got eye shadow in Jaunty because the name reminded me of Sailor Babo's oh so jaunty little hat:


Lipsticks in Red Racer (love the contrast of the red against the blue and white of the case) and To Catch a Sailor:



Riviera Life lip gloss:


And the makeup bag set:



And because I was such a good customer, MAC included 3 temporary tattoos.  Aren't they so cute? I think, honestly, the free tattoos were my favorite part of the whole collection.  They will make awesome Museum memorabilia.


However, I'm not sure I'm getting them back from you-know-who.


And like Babo with the the Museum's first giveaway, Sailor Babo confused the highlighting powder and eye shadow with cookies.  Oh dear.


To see Sailor Babo's full exploration of the collection, you can check out my post at Postcards from Sailor Babo.  :)

So what do you think, both of the packaging and the colors?  Did you buy anything or are you planning to?

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