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Curator's Corner, 5/19/2012

Friday Fun: Happy International Museum Day!

IMD2012posterJust a quick post to say Happy International Museum Day!  This year's theme is "Museums in a Changing World:  New Challenges, New Inspirations", the description for which reads as follows at the IMD website:

"Today, the world is changing faster than ever. New technology delivers new ideas, gigabytes of information, news of an increasingly unstable climate, all shared by social media. Modern museums must compete for an audible voice against the furious pace of this background." (I'll say!)

"Museums in a Changing World is recognition that institutions are faced with interpreting, and existing in, a field that is becoming increasingly fluid. Each may face a unique set of goals, interests and audiences."

It's an interesting theme and something I will be exploring in a future installment of MM Musings.  How does something traditionally so static as a museum keep up with today's breakneck pace? 

It's a topic for another day, but for now, let's celebrate the existence of museums and their contributions to society.  I would be lost without them!

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