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Curator's Corner: Happy Memorial Day!

CC logoWoohoo!  It's officially summer!  Not crazy about the stifling heat and humidity, but I love having all this daylight.

Here are this week's links.

- I'm so excited for this Georgia O'Keefe-inspired nail polish collection.

- Please, Karl, can't we just agree once and for all that fashion is art

- I think the new Is This Feminist? Tumblr may be funnier than Feminist Ryan Gosling.

- There were two excellent posts over at Museum Unbound:  one discusses what your "museum manifesto" would be; the other explores how getting more involved in your community yields more interest in your museum.

- It's always sad when a museum has to close, but it's even sadder when it's in your town

- Speaking of Baltimore, it's Deathfest this weekend.  Since we live so close to the club where the shows take place, we see a lot of interesting characters walking around.

- Work stuff has been stressing me out A LOT.  I think I need this installed in our living room.

(image from

How was your week?  And how will you be enjoying the long weekend?

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