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Curator's Corner, 5/19/2012

CC logoBusy, busy week!  Work stuff has been killing me!  I'm also slightly distracted because I miss my parents so much - they're on a trip to China and I can't talk to them (only text) since it's so expensive, and I'm not used to that as I talk to at least my mom every day.  :(  (Her texts are hilarious though - I think I might start a Tumblr because they are too funny not to share them with the world).  Anyway, here are some things from around the web this past week.

- The 4th winner of the Shu Uemura Artist Award has been announced.  I hope they'll do a collaboration that has awesome packaging.   

- I'd love to attend this conference!  Or better yet, submit a paper on the cultural meaning of cosmetic items.

- This Wisconsin man got kicked out of an all-you-can-eat restaurant for eating too much.  I shouldn't laugh, but that is literally the plot of one my favorite Simpsons episodes - if you don't know what I'm talking about you must watch this clip.  "That man ate all our shrimp, and two plastic lobsters!"  "'Tis no man, 'tis a remorseless eatin' machine, aaarr!"  I wonder if he went fishing after getting thrown out.

- These vintage Natty Boh beer ads made me smile.

- Amazingly hilarious video of pinning gone mad.

- Finally, I'll leave you with this:


Me too, Art History Major Cat, me too.

Oh, one more thing - this coming week will be what I've dubbed On the Water Week.  It's a precursor to the unofficial start of summer on Memorial Day and will celebrate fun summery aqua-related things - swimming pools and sailors and campy pirate stuff!  So stay tuned.

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