Curator's Corner, 5/19/2012
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Couture Monday: Pleated rays from Dior

Welcome to the Makeup Museum's On the Water week!  I'm kicking it off with a water-inspired eye shadow palette from Dior's summer collection.  From their press release:

“'On vacation, you can wear all the colorful and casual clothing that you like, but you must always be elegant,' said Christian Dior. Inspired by the art de vivre of the French Riviera, the Dior Croisette Collection combines the peace of the French countryside with the splendour of Saint Tropez.  These locations have always been a prolific source of inspiration for Christian Dior. From Dior’s first swimsuit collections and seaside fashion creations in the Fifties to the current Cruise Collections, the French Riviera also embodies the brand’s most daring, fresh and colorful lines today.  Between the shimmering turquoise of the Mediterranean Sea and the sparkling gold of the sand, through soft coral and bikini pink, the Croisette reveals all its elegance and optimism in sunny and aquatic-inspired shades. The skin is warmed up and illuminated in a natural glow effect, while the eyes are dressed up with luminescent sunny shades or fresh azure blues. The lips are colorful and subtly sparkling while the nails complete the look with coral and blue shades inspired by the most glamorous emblems of the French Riviera." 

As a side note, I must agree - the colors in this collection are spot-on for creating this look.  For my personal non-Museum stash (i.e., things I actually wear) I picked up Orange Pareo lip gloss, a shimmery sheer orange, and St. Tropez nail polish, a pale aqua.  I'll be pretending I'm a rich jetsetter spending a few weeks on the Riviera whenever I wear them.  :)

Anyway, I got the eye shadow quint in Swimming Pool.  The embossed, sunburst-like pleats mimic those found on Dior dresses.  Swimming Pool is "meant to recall a dive into the Mediterranean".  Well, a pool isn't the same as a sea so I'm not sure why they named it Swimming Pool instead of Mediterranean, but whatever - both are water and that's good enough.




With flash:


While this isn't the most impressive piece from a design standpoint, given how intricate some of Dior's other palettes have been, it definitely is in keeping with Dior's 2012 spring/summer ready-to- wear collection.  Pleats abound in the evening dresses, both short and long:


(images from and

I'm sure Dior was one of the fashion houses responsible for making pleats one of this summer's hot trends, as evidenced by this round-up in Allure magazine:


This is another one of those Museum items I'm tempted to use - the colors are so fresh and summery. 

What do you think of Dior's summer collection?  And do you do pleats?

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