Walking the plank with Anna Sui
Hey, Sailor (Babo)

Quick post: Anchors away!

Argh!  Beauty Addict has done it again, i.e.,  make me want another cute palette from German brand Misslyn that I can't get stateside.  It's a highlighting powder from their summer collection called In the Navy, featuring a shimmery gold anchor against a blue and white striped background.

(image from http://typischich.at)

(image from http://rebecca-desiree.blogspot.com)

Sigh.  At least I could buy MAC's similarly-themed Hey Sailor collection, which I'll be posting about tomorrow - I thought the Misslyn palette today would be a good warmup.  So get ready for some more nautical goodness with MAC...and a very excited Sailor Babo.   ;)

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