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Service interruption

I am far behind with some posts I wanted to put up last week and over the weekend, but I have a good reason (for us beauty junkies, anyway) - I'm dealing with a beauty crisis of epic proportions.  EPIC!!  I have just discovered that a favorite fragrance of mine had been phased out of production a few years ago, so I have spent the past 48 hours on a literal worldwide search for even a few precious drops.  This perfume has proven to be exceedingly difficult to track down and the search has sapped my mental energy, as it's extremely upsetting that I might not be able to procure any more.  (Yes, I realize this isn't a true emergency.  Nevertheless it is disheartening.)

With makeup, if something gets discontinued I get a little bummed but I know something as good as, if not better than, the product I liked is right around the corner and will work for me.  Fragrance, however, is an entirely different animal.  The Curator's body chemistry is absolutely wonky and few perfumes actually work well on me, so when I find one that does, I cling to it for years and stock up if I know it's limited edition.  Had I known this particular beloved scent was discontinued I would have stockpiled several bottles years ago, but I really thought it was permanent and so only have a little left, which is quite distressing!

I know you all understand!  ;)  I'll be back as soon as I can resolve this one way or another.

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