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Lancôme La Roseraie

Lancôme's spring 2012 collection definitely has the most decadent-sounding copy ever. 

"The sheer joy of a blissful afternoon spent in a rose garden in full bloom. Voluptuous pleasure, freshness, spontaneity… the very essence of joie de vivre. Savouring nature’s beauty. Luxuriating in sun-dappled shade. Lounging, eyes skyward, on a delicate-as-lace filigree bench in the heart of the rose garden… The breeze is tinged with the irresistible scent of lightness. A remarkable garden punctuated with thousands of roses in the most delectable shades imaginable, an array of tempting treats: macaroons, éclairs, cupcakes, candies and seasonal fruits… Time to indulge in delicious delicacies. Suffused with all of the pleasures of a radiant afternoon, 'Roseraie Des Délices' marries sensual pleasure with joie de vivre, and coquettish allure with playful fantasy…

Shades infused with guilty pleasures 

Spring fruits, macaroons, barley sugars… A trio of delectable shades sets the tone for this collection: candy pink, tangerine and soft green exist in pastel or tangy incarnations, evoking a basket of sweet delights as well as a blossoming rose garden. As sheer as watercolours, radiantly capturing the light of spring… the 'Roseraie Des Délices' shades illuminate the face with infinite softness. Set against an enhanced complexion, lips are adorned with translucent pink, orange or fuchsia, inspired by the most vibrant flowers, whilst eyes are illuminated with subtle shades of pink or green. As for nails, the hues of choice are tangerine, powder pink and almond green, as if playfully dipping hands into candy."

Candy and cupcakes and pretty flowers - not only decadent but incredibly girly.  And Lancôme didn't hold back in creating a very feminine palette as the centerpiece for the collectionLa Roseraie ("bed of roses") higlighting blush features a large, lush rose with shimmering stripes bursting out of it, alternating between two hues of pale pink.



With flash:


According to the company's blog, "One of the places most cherished by Nelly, the wife of the Lancôme founder, was her rose garden, a unique hideaway created by Armand Petitjean. There, they would enjoy the mild days of spring surrounded by the blossoms of their favourite flower, which also became Lancôme’s emblem.So that's the inspiration for the palette.  I just wish Lancome would have included a picture of the garden at their website (I am unable to find one).

I think 2010's Coral Flirt palette, which was also a variation on Lancôme's famous rose, was more interesting than this but it's pretty nonetheless.  What say you?

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