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Quick post: Marcel Wanders for MAC, part 2

You may remember in December 2010 MAC teamed up with Dutch designer Marcel Wanders (you can read my thoughts and a funny story on it here) and it looks like they've collaborated again.  I find it a little odd given that there are so many designers MAC hasn't worked with before - why revisit Wanders?


(images from temptalia.com and makeupforlife.net)

I was very intrigued until I saw the product photos.  These are the same designs that appeared on the 2010 collection except rendered in shiny silver rather than glossy black.  Not too exciting.  The collector in me says to buy a few pieces to have on hand, but the rational part of me says that it's the same thing in a different color and that I don't need it for the Museum.  I think (for once) the practical side is winning out - I don't think I'll be buying these. 

What do you think?

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