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MM Musings, Vol. 2: acquisitions

Quick post: Givenchy Poudre Croisière

I came across this bronzer at Sephora over the weekend and was curious to know what the pattern was.  To my eye it looks like squares of crinkled silk.

(image from

Compare it to this silk fabric:

Crinkled silk
(image from

Unfortunately the product description doesn't say what the design is supposed to be.  However, I spotted the spring  "Capri" collection from new-to-me brand Collistar at BeautifulwithBrains a while back and couldn't help but notice the striking resemblance between their palettes and the Givenchy powder.

Collistar-Capri(image from

According to this source, the weave pattern on the Collistar palettes "aims to recall the hand-woven fabrics of Italian craftsmanship, in addition to the straw/wicker baskets that complete the Capri holiday look."  Interesting!   Given how similar these are to Givenchy's bronzer I think it's safe to conclude that the pattern on the latter also recalls fabric.  Both the Collistar and Givenchy palettes, therefore, would have been fitting for the Woven exhibition - too bad I didn't grab them before it went up!  (Although I don't think I can even buy Collistar in the States).

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