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Curator's Corner, 3/31/2012

CC logoThis week's links. 

- I saw The Hunger Games today!  Loved it, but I thought I would since I devoured (haha) the books in less than a week.  I must say my enjoyment of the series was highly unprecedented - I don't usually read fiction, much less "young adult" fiction, but these captivated me.  Definitely get reading if you haven't already!

- Check out some examples of beautiful pre-Columbian art from the Bowers Museum over at The Curated Object.

- I'm so getting my hands on this peacock feathered palette (via Beauty Addict)

- How cool are these London-themed Paperself eye lashes?  Now that is an Olympic first.  (via Kiss and Makeup)

- But by far the most exciting beauty news of the week is MAC's upcoming collection to kick off summer, Hey Sailor.  I know a certain Museum Advisory Committee member who is extremely fascinated by it!

Sailor Babo likes the pretty sailor girl and will no doubt want one of the makeup bags to take with him for his voyages on the high seas.  :)

What was catching your fancy this week?

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