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Bohemian rhapsody: Makeup Forever La Boheme collection

Happy March!  With spring just a few weeks away it's time to let our hair down with a new palette. 

It's always interesting to see one's take on a bohemian theme, since "bohemian" has no single definition - the term can indicate someone who refuses to live a conventional lifestyle, or simply a free-spirited wandering type.  (For me personally, everytime I hear the word I think of an Anthropologie catalog, as in "bohemian chic").  In the case of the La Boheme collection, Make Up For Ever attempts to represent one of the most historical definitions of the word - gypsy.   A jumble of colorful patchwork adorns the centerpiece of the collection, an eye shadow palette consisting of six bright colors.

Mufe boheme
(image from sephora.com)

Says the company's website, "This Spring, the Bohemian attitude is back. Floral motifs, ethnic and gypsy influences, handmade embroidery, patchwork and prints… MAKE UP FOR EVER draws from this trend and creates a glam gypsy collection. MAKE UP FOR EVER takes a Bohemian approach to life...A collection inspired by nature, to let your beauty desires blossom and give new form to the Bohemian spirit.  This star product is a unique limited-edition palette dressed in an entirely homemade creation made of recyclable cardboard. A bold patchwork of Provençal or floral motifs, with arabesques and refined details. Historical pieces that Dany Sanz brought back from her travels and cleverly selected and coordinated. As if topstitched, the logo looks handmade. Inside this case, which opens with a silky ribbon, an iconic flower of the collection stands out against the black background."

I like this - the patterns on the patches definitely look bohemian, judging by the images that came up when I searched it on Pinterest:



(all image sources available at Pinterest)

But there's also a distinctly hippie feel to the palette which, nowadays, is part and parcel of the notion of bohemianism.  (I also searched Google, and a related search that it prompted when I typed in "bohemian" was "hippie").  The big flower, the fact that the package is recyclable, and that the collection is "inspired by nature" are all very flower-child. 

While bohemian isn't really my thing, I think MUFE did a nice job with this - it definitely captures the Boho/gypsy theme.  What I would have really liked to see were pictures of the actual "historical pieces that Dany Sanz brought back from her travels" that served as the inspiration for the collection and for the palette's design.

What do you think?

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