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Friday Fun: cheery lip balms

Roses are red...and blue, and orange

If you didn't get flowers yesterday, no worries.  This spring a fresh crop (ha) of roses has popped up to adorn your cheeks.   I like to think that makeup companies were aware of my disdain for traditional rose patterns and had their design teams come up with new twists on the motif just for me.

First up is Anna Sui.  Like Lancôme and Chantecaille, the emblem of Sui's makeup line is the rose so we've seen this before.  However, these particular roses are more lush and certainly more colorful than past offerings, plus they are actually scented with tea rose.  (I can't vouch for this as I don't own them...yet).

(image from

These are the available colors.  I'm trying to resist the urge to get all six, but wouldn't that make a lovely bouquet of blushes?

AS rose shades

Next, let's take a peek at Boots 17 Spring Fling palettes in Hazy Days and Spring Brights.  I spied these over at Lipglossiping.  I like that while it's a more traditional rose rather than one of those big ruffly garden ones, the leaves and background keep it from straying into the boring territory into which other roses have fallen (I'm looking at you, Chantecaille Fall 2009 palette).  The vintage-y looking photo and chevrons on the outside of the compact are a nice touch.


Boots17springfling(images from

Finally, drugstore mainstay Milani steps up their game with their new Illuminating Face Powders.  I think these are the most romantic-looking of the bunch...

Milani rose main

Milani roses
(images from they remind me of the clusters of roses you'd see on a wedding gown, like this one by Monique Lhuillier:

MH gown

Or J. Crew:

Jcrew dress
(images from

So what do you think?  Are of any of these rosy palettes appealing to you?  I know that for me, there may be a rose garden exhibition in the works.  ;)

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