Pussies galore: Paul & Joe spring 2012 collection
Curator's Corner, 2/11/2012

E-bay stalking: Holika Holika Hello Holika Chic Blushes

The life of a makeup museum curator requires me to be regularly on the prowl (ha) for items that managed to slip through my hands when they were first released.  Occasionally in my searches I come across more collectibles that I had no idea about previously.  Case in point:  these cat blushes from Asian brand Holika Holika.  I stumbled across them last week, but waited to post about them since I thought they'd be an appropriate follow up to yesterday's post

Breeze kitten

Twinkling kitten
(images from thecutestmakeup.com)

Pending the Advisory Committee approval, I'm ready to add these to the Museum's collection.  They will make a great addition to a cat-tastic exhibition.  ;)

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