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Valentine's Day smackdown!!

Curator's Corner, 2/11/2012

Mum.cc.3ppAs someone who thinks Valentine's Day is pretty stupid, I'm a little tired of seeing all the V-day related stuff at all the various blogs I follow - I can't wait for this "holiday" to be over! Still, there's some good stuff to be had.  For example:

- LUSH is bringing back my precious Magic Mushroom Bubble Bars as part of their Valentine's Day collection.  You can see previous gushing about these here.  And check out this adorable video that came out last year.


- I did enjoy seeing this heart-shaped pizza complete with heart-shaped pepperoni. 

- I was also intrigued by these Sally Hansen V-day nail decals.  They're just cheesy enough to be worn ironically.

- In non-Valentine's Day news, it was World Nutella Day on February 5. 

- Loved this "Living in..." post devoted to Twin Peaks over at Design Sponge.

- These custom temporary tattoos are such a good idea!  Must steal. 

- Also must investigate the idea of a museum app, like this one for the Guggenheim.  How cool would it be for the Makeup Museum to have its own app?!

What things were you digging this week?

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