Curator's Corner, 2/25/2012
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Quick post: beauty exhibition at the Center for History

Mrs.Winslows syrupSo exciting!  There's a new beauty exhibit at the Center for History in South Bend, Indiana called "Gizmos, Corsets & Concoctions: Our Obsession with Health & Beauty."  From the website:  "Gizmos, Corsets & Concoctions: Our Obsession with Health & Beauty explores some of what has been experienced over time in the pursuit of health and beauty. Seeking to look or feel better, people have willing to imbibe, don and endure many interesting cure-alls throughout the years. A wide variety of medicinal and cosmetic offerings have been available, some hawked by fast-talking peddlers and others provided by highly respected institutions. Whether looking for better health, treatment for ailments, or transformation into the current pinnacle of beauty, people have turned to medical sources, even the 'magic potions' of sideshows. Some did the trick; others caused more harm than good."

The exhibit contains beauty ads from the 19th and 20th centuries, contraptions like a "permanent wave" hair-styling machine from the '30s, and even a replica of a doctor's office with elixirs and tonics.  Too bad I'm not going to Indiana any time soon!  I'd love to see it.

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