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My white whale: duty-free Shu cleansing oil by Lisa Kohno

Shu_Uemura_oilDo the designs on this cleansing oil look familiar?  They should, as they're similar to the ones that appeared on Shu's Florescent collection from fall 2010.  I remember being confused as to why the palettes for that collection said "Lisa" in the bottom right corner.  Well, I finally figured it out while I was browsing Shu on E-bay last week:  artist Lisa Kohno was the first winner of the Shu Uemura Art Award (established by the company to discover up-and-coming artists and offer them a chance to share their work with the public by collaborating with Shu) and designed the Florescent line.  Why this wasn't made apparent at the U.S. Shu website is beyond me, since the whole point of the award is to get exposure for the artist - why not include that information for the U.S. market?

In any case, Ms. Kohno also designed beautiful bottles for cleansing oils.  One is the Advanced formula, available only at duty-free shops in Asia.  According to, the design "aims to express a fantasy dream world that she describes as 'a utopia in the sky', featuring butterflies and fairy flowers guiding travellers to a destination of wonders.  The imaginative motifs of flying hearts and butterfly flowers create a beautiful scene on the golden oil, which gives a happy energy to the bottle." It's so cute and would be such a great addition to the Museum's collection, but I haven't been able to get my hands on it.

The other is the green Premium oil - although this was created exclusively for Korean Airlines, several were available on E-bay so I have this beauty on its way to me.

Lisa kohno stock

Stay tuned for a post on this one.  :)

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