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Curator's Corner, 1/28/2012, I'm glad it was the last full week of January.  We're one month closer to spring and summer!  Here are this week's links.

- Design Milk shows us some glass curiosity cabinets meant to be "miniature museums" by Maissa Toulet.  I bet these would be spectacular for displaying makeup.

- An Italian artist plans a 24-hour pop-up museum.  Must steal this idea.

- Another day-late, dollar-short article from the New York Times (see a previous Curator's Corner where I pointed out that the exact topic of their article was one I covered much earlier!)  This time it's about cartoon characters inspiring makeup collections.  Er, NYT, please see my post from March 2011 on the subject (and check out the links contained therein).

- It was National Peanut Butter Day on Tuesday.  I love peanut butter so much that I actually have to keep it on a very high shelf that I can't reach without a ladder - otherwise I'd be eating one whole jar every week.

- Possibly the most exciting news of the week is that Beth Ditto will be collaborating with MAC!!  The collection is supposed to hit counters in June.  As a long-time Gossip/Ditto fan, I can't wait. 

Beth ditto for mac
(image from

What caught your eye this week?

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