Curator's picks and pans: the best and worst makeup designs of 2011
Curator's Corner: Looking forward, looking back

Curator's take on 2011

No, I'm not doing "11 for 2011", but I do want to take a look back on the year and highlight the things that stood out most to me.

I was pleased to see more connections between makeup and art this year.  We had both drawings of makeup as well as portraits created with lipstick and other products:


images from

And a perfume bottle exhibition means makeup can't be far behind!

Now for some trends.  2011 was most definitely the year of the crazy nails.   From high art-inspired...

Mondrian nails
(image from reproducing pop culture, nails were the big accessory.

Nightmare before christmas nails
(image from

On the slightly less wild side, Sally Hansen debuted nail decals to allow easy application of designs, while a host of companies (OPI, China Glaze) introduced "crackle" nail polishes.

image from

(image from

It was also the year of the crazy eyelashes -  from shells and paper to Lancôme's creepy "Doll Lashes" mascara, lashes were subjected to variety of enhancements.

Etsy lashes
(image from

(image from

(image from

In terms of advertising, Makeup Forever met consumers' demands for non-Photoshopped models and produced the allegedly first un-retouched ad for their High Definition Foundation.  Problem was that the model was so perfect she didn't need to be retouched anyway - it makes very little sense to advertise foundation on a young model that has flawless skin already.

(image from

Fortunately the conversation isn't over, as towards the end of 2011 Jezebel reported that companies may be forced to stop using Photoshop for cosmetic ads. 

On the color front, coral swept past bronze as the spring and summer's go-to color...

Spring 2011 trends

...while fall brought on the blues.

Fall 2011 blue trend

There are so many more items from the year that caught my eye, but I'll leave you with this:  the weirdest/most morbid 2011 beauty award goes to Illamasqua, for offering funeral makeup services.

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