Couture Monday: Buckle down with Chanel
Quick post: Clé de Peau Vintage Holiday palette 2011

Down the flower path with NARS

First Bobbi Brown with the Party shimmerbrick, now NARS has entered the limited-edition design fray.  I must say it's about time!  I always wanted to know what a palette with a unique design on it would look like coming from Monsieur Nars, and he didn't disappoint. 

The Hanamichi (Japanese for "flower path", the theater walkway that connects the main stage with the audience) palette is part of a special holiday collection called Modern Kabuki.  "I am completely fascinated by Kabuki theatre; the makeup and costumes are especially beautiful. My attraction to this art form led to the creation of this collection," Nars is quoted as saying at the website.  The palette is meant to be a modern take on traditional Kabuki colors - white, red, black and gold. 







With flash:




I think these might be lotus flowers but I'm not sure.  In any case, this was a very inspired palette and I do hope Francois comes out with more beautifully designed makeup!

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