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Curator's Corner: Looking forward, looking back

Janus-head1-297x300(image of Janus from you may know, I hate New Year's.  I just find it to be horribly depressing and the notion of making resolutions is unbearable.   Previously on New Year's I've posted about aspirations rather than making resolutions or even setting goals, and it works for me.  These are what I ASPIRE to do, not necessarily accomplish.  This way I let myself off the hook and I won't feel so sad when I don't get them done! 

- Research pop-up museums and see if something like that would be doable.

- Continue making exhibitions a little more "museum-y" by adding accompanying labels.

- Unveil a series of special exhibitions.

- Make some progress on the long-talked-about coffee table book.

- Be more organized about blogging so that I actually write posts on time (gasp!) rather than writing a bunch and back-dating them all.  It's a very bad habit.

- Do a couple of giveaways.  I have at least 3 brand-new items that I don't feel like trying to sell on E-bay.

- Most importantly, research social media to see how to get more people interested in the Museum and following the blog.  A corollary aspiration to this is to not get too down when I still get no substantial increase in interest/followers, and continue posting as if people actually read this blog.  I've been basically talking to myself since the Museum's inception, but I'll keep doing so because I believe in what I'm doing.

Here's a quick recap of the year.   I think I've made a tiny bit of progress in 2011!

- Wrote 121 posts.

- Joined Twitter.  I can't say I find it all that useful and it's so hard to keep up with.  I'll do something for 5 minutes and when I check again it's like "57 new tweets".  Maybe eventually I'll get the hang of it.

- Debuted a new (and hopefully improved) exhibition format.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year's.  I'm off to have a few drinks and pass out before midnight.

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