Curator's Corner, 12/3/2011
Down the flower path with NARS

Couture Monday: Buckle down with Chanel

Chanel cooked up this lovely highlighter for their holiday collection.  Apparently it was inspired by a Baroque-style belt worn by Coco Chanel.  I have been unable to dig up some pictures of any kind of Baroque-looking Chanel belt.  Nevertheless I'm enjoying the intricacies of the design.





With flash:


I find it a little strange that Chanel chose this theme for a 2011 collection - it probably would have been more appropriate to release it with their spring/summer 2010 "neon Baroque" show.  The pattern on the palette is reminiscent of the designs from the collection.

Some dresses:



And lo and behold, a belt buckle:

(images from

While I understand the palette's design came from the Baroque-inspired accessories of Mademoiselle Coco, I couldn't help but think that it also reminded me of rock carvings.  Ommorphia Beauty Bar pointed out that the palette looks similar to Mayan art, and I'm inclined to agree. 

Overall I think this would have been a stronger item design-wise if Chanel had included a picture of the type of belt they were referencing.  Once again, a piece of Chanel history inspired one of the company's makeup item, but it didn't delve deeply enough into it.  Close but no cigar!

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