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A patterned break from Stila girls

Stila has released three more $14 travel-sized palettes, this time for Urban Outfitters.  I'm guessing that since Stila girls might be a little too cutesy/girly for the average UO consumer, Stila came up with these designs instead.

First up is a vaguely Native American geometric pattern.  I'm wondering if it was originally labeled as Navajo and got pulled as a result of the kerfluffle surrounding UO's "Navajo" line of items, but probably not.  None of the three palettes are named anything in particular - only referred to as "pocket palettes". 

Picture 1

Admittedly, it does look like a bit like Navajo blankets:

(image from

(image from

The second palette features vertically-overlapping multicolored rectangles - this one's my favorite, as the Curator loves abstract art. 

Ud 2011 2

And finally we have a basic floral pattern, which to my eye looks like it would be more at home at Anthropologie than at Urban Outfitters.  It's not overly sweet and girly, but it resembles wallpaper to me.

Ud 2011 3
(palette images from

Wallpaper from Designers' Guild and Camilla Meijer:


Camilla wallpaper

So what do you think of all these?  Anything worth buying as a collectible?  I can't think of a time when I'd display 2 out of the 3, but the abstract rectangle palette is softly calling my name.

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