Feel the passion for Clarins Holiday 2011
Curator's Corner, 11/26/2011

Friday Fun: Bobbi Brown Party shimmerbrick - shaken, not stirred

What better way to kick off the official start of holiday parties and shopping madness than with this boozey highlighter from Bobbi Brown?  While Bobbi has dabbled in special edition packaging before, I believe this is the first time a design has actually made it onto the makeup itself. 

Love the 50s-style shaker and glass - very Mad Men, no?




Up close -  I like to think that little line at the bottom of the glass is a partial outline of an olive:


With flash:


While it's not as intricate as some patterns I've seen (see Chantecaille's butterfly eyeshadows) this is a fun design and lends itself perfectly to a shimmery body highlighter. 

Hope everyone has a safe and sane Black Friday.  :)

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