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November 2011

More holiday Stila girls from Ulta and Macy's

As I mentioned earlier, I thought the Find Your Magic palette was the only holiday palette Stila would be offering.  Methinks I should have held out for these!

Two Ulta exclusives, sorry the pics are so small - Ulta's website sucks.

'Tis the Season to Dazzle:

Tis the season

A Few of My Favorite Things:

Favorite things

From Macy's - Making Spirits Bright:

Macys 2011

I think I want these last two, as the first one is too similar to the Find Your Magic palette.  What do you think of these holiday Stila girls?

Couture Monday: Gareth Pugh for MAC

Following in the footsteps of previous fashion collaborations, including Alice + Olivia, Emmanuel Ungaro and Dsquared, this fall MAC teamed up with British designer Gareth Pugh to create a moody but wearable collection.

(image from makeupforlife.net)

Gp mac face
(image from vogue.co.uk)

That particular promo image comes from a strange little video for the collection:


I'd say the packaging design is very much in keeping with Pugh's style - black, geometric, a little sci-fi and futuristic.

Gp for mac
(image from emcblue.com)

Here's a close-up of the face powder:

(image from sugarsocial.wordpress.com)

Let's take a look at some Pugh's work, shall we?  The square with 2 lines criss-crossing it to make triangles appeared in a number of his designs.

Spring 2007:

Pugh spring 2007

Fall 2008:

Pugh fall 2008 dress

Pugh fall 2008
(images from style.com)

The motif is so simple but still manages to make a big statement, even when it's on a nail polish rather than enormous, alien-looking shoulder pads.  I wasn't going to buy anything from this collection, but after seeing Pugh's work I think I might.  His earlier creations, like the above images, are definitely more theatrical instead of practical. His more recent work is more wearable but still pretty out there and very unique.  Once again a makeup company has introduced me to a designer I probably never would have discovered otherwise.  :)


Curator's Corner, 11/26/2011

Mum.cc.3ppI hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  I was a little bummed as I wasn't spending it at my parents' house (my dad makes the most amazing Thanksgiving feast ever!) but it was still quite nice.   While I'm recovering from a food coma, here are some things from the week.

- Oh-so British Christmas crackers from Lancôme. 

- British Beauty Blogger showcases these adorable shell lip balms.

-  Today I had an awesome time meeting up with the lovely Valerie in DC.  We went to Shophouse (the Asian version of Chipotle - I really hope it takes off!), then headed to Paper Source, where, predictably, I went beserk on letterpress cards.  Then we headed to Lululemon.  I restrained myself but there were at least 3 things I could have bought.  All in all a great morning/early afternoon - always wonderful to catch up with good friends.  :)

- Finally, look who arrived just in time to help me with the holiday baking!  Heeee!


When he's not helping me in the kitchen, Cookie Chef Babo will be serving as the head chef at the Museum's cafe/patisserie.  :)

Friday Fun: Bobbi Brown Party shimmerbrick - shaken, not stirred

What better way to kick off the official start of holiday parties and shopping madness than with this boozey highlighter from Bobbi Brown?  While Bobbi has dabbled in special edition packaging before, I believe this is the first time a design has actually made it onto the makeup itself. 

Love the 50s-style shaker and glass - very Mad Men, no?




Up close -  I like to think that little line at the bottom of the glass is a partial outline of an olive:


With flash:


While it's not as intricate as some patterns I've seen (see Chantecaille's butterfly eyeshadows) this is a fun design and lends itself perfectly to a shimmery body highlighter. 

Hope everyone has a safe and sane Black Friday.  :)

Feel the passion for Clarins Holiday 2011

Like Lancôme's Golden Hat palette I struggled with whether to buy this.  There is a neat pattern on it, but with no explanation of what it could be or how it relates to Clarins' holiday theme (named "Passion"), I skipped it.

Clarins holiday 2011
(images from clarinsusa.com)

To my eye it looks vaguely pre-Columbian - maybe like an Aztec stamp?  Some examples:

Aztec stamp brooklyn
(image from brooklynmusem.org)

(image from visualphotos.com)

Aztec stamp
(image from mexicolore.co.uk)

So while the pattern is interesting and possibly pre-Columbian inspired, there is no description as to what it is or why it appeared on this highlighter.  With a design that unusual there should be some kind of explanation, at least in my opinion.  Also, it's not very holiday-ish.  Maybe Clarins should have taken a page from these sparkly holiday items - slap some crystals on the palette and call it a day.  :P


Grab the popcorn for Shu's holiday collection

For the fourth year in a row, Shu collaborated with an artist for their holiday collection.  This year it was filmmaker Wong Kar Wai.   Here's the scoop, from Shu's blog:  "shu uemura celebrates the festive holiday collection rich in emotions and atmosphere inspired by the short film “MASK” directed by Wong Kar Wai and its special beautiful packaging decoration...Wong Kar Wai is a living legend of Asian cinema and known as a 'master of colors', just like Mr. Shu Uemura. And he has specialized in capturing the mystique of women, possessing a unique perspective on femininity, portraying women’s intoxicating sensuality and the richness of their emotions.  Two artistic spirits come together for this Christmas time of this year, Wong Kar Wai and shu uemura create a fantasy world of holiday collection 2011'rouge et bleu' inspired by the short film."

Here's the film:


I'm not really sure I get this - to me it reads as a glorified ad for Shu with no real story.  In a nutshell, the highlights of the collection consist of blue and red colors in keeping with the "rouge et bleu" hues from the film.  Hence the red and blue polishes:

  Nail polishes
(images from shuuemura-usa.com)

There are also two palettes - Burning in Water and Drowning in Flames - which for some reason the U.S. market didn't get.  Phooey.  I would have gotten both. 

(images from shuuemura.co.uk)

Instead I picked up one of the lipsticks (Rouge Luster) and the cleansing oil.




Cleansing oil:



While I wasn't thrilled with the film itself, I really liked that specific close-up images from the movie appeared on the corresponding products.  The cleansing oil (meant for the face) features the face of Mask actress Sandrine Pinna while the lipsticks focus on images of her lips, and the nail polishes show her nails.

What do you think of the collection?  I think it pales in comparison to past holiday collections like Mika, Aya Takano or Tsumori Chisato, but it was a good effort.

Curator's Corner, birthday edition

Mum.cc.3pp Teehee, I celebrated my b-day this week!  While I'm not happy at all about getting older, I do enjoy my birthday as it's the one day a year I give myself total permission to do whatever the hell I feel like doing (or not doing.)  Here are a couple links, followed by some of the highlights from my b-day. 

- How awesome are these makeup-shaped sweets

- Vampy Varnish brings us MUFE's Highline palette.  Would make a nice piece for a NYC-themed exhibition.  ;)

- My very sweet husband surprised me with a gorgeous new bag!  I have dubbed her Rosie, in honor of her rose gold hardware. 



- I took the day off from work for my b-day and made as many treats as my little heart desired.  This, of course, attracted various Museum staff.  First I made champagne cupcakes:


And then peanut butter cookie cups:


And made the custard for cake batter ice cream with buttercream frosting swirled throughout.  It was quite a day! 

Hello, narcissism: Karl Lagerfeld for Sephora

Holy ego, Batman!  Karl Lagerfeld (head designer and creative director for Chanel, in case you've been living under a rock) lent his famous persona to Sephora for a capsule collection.

It includes a palette - love that the shadows are in the shape of his silhouette:

Lagerfeld palette

A makeup bag:

Lagerfeld bag

Nail polish set:

Lagerfeld polish
(images from bellasugar.com)

And even (gasp!) a snow globe and doll!  The quote on the snow globe translates to "My great luxury is not having to justify myself to anyone".

(image from refinery29.com)

I'm not exactly sure why, but this collection makes me giggle.  Perhaps it's because Karl seems to be such an intimidating figure in real life, but here he's rather harmless.  I'd probably pick up the palette and the doll, but unfortunately the collection is only available in Europe and Singapore, and I don't think I'm going to go through the trouble of trying to buy through E-bay. 

MM Fall 2011 exhibition

It's taken me forever to get this year's fall exhibition up, but that's only because I wanted to make it more museum-like than previous ones.  I've added labels for all the items, and included some pictures as supplements - thanks to the husband for laying everything out!  I also decided to focus on the main exhibition space and one of the auxilliary spaces rather than trying to fill all three.  I hope you like this new format!



I'll start with the top shelves and move down.  Paul & Joe Fall 2011:



Dior Mitzah:


John Tremblay for Shu cleansing oil:


Stila Bohemian Beauty:


Armani Python palette:


Maison Lancôme palette:



YSL Opium palette:


MAC Art of Powder palettes:



Dior Lady Dior palette:



Here's a capsule exhibition on the Chanel Lumieres Byzances palette.



Bottom shelf:



Some details:




I really love the bronzey paper the husband suggested for the labels - so perfect for fall.

Trying to find my magic with Stila

I mistakenly thought this was Stila's only holiday palette so while I didn't think it was anything earth-shattering, I bought it hook line and sinker.  It's cute - I appreciate the snowflakes and stars across the top - but it's just another anonymous Stila girl.




With flash:


I'll probably put it out for the holiday exhibition, but there are a ton of these types of palettes being released so I'm not totally sure yet.  What do you think of this design?