MM Fall 2011 exhibition
Curator's Corner, birthday edition

Hello, narcissism: Karl Lagerfeld for Sephora

Holy ego, Batman!  Karl Lagerfeld (head designer and creative director for Chanel, in case you've been living under a rock) lent his famous persona to Sephora for a capsule collection.

It includes a palette - love that the shadows are in the shape of his silhouette:

Lagerfeld palette

A makeup bag:

Lagerfeld bag

Nail polish set:

Lagerfeld polish
(images from

And even (gasp!) a snow globe and doll!  The quote on the snow globe translates to "My great luxury is not having to justify myself to anyone".

(image from

I'm not exactly sure why, but this collection makes me giggle.  Perhaps it's because Karl seems to be such an intimidating figure in real life, but here he's rather harmless.  I'd probably pick up the palette and the doll, but unfortunately the collection is only available in Europe and Singapore, and I don't think I'm going to go through the trouble of trying to buy through E-bay. 

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