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Feel the passion for Clarins Holiday 2011

Like Lancôme's Golden Hat palette I struggled with whether to buy this.  There is a neat pattern on it, but with no explanation of what it could be or how it relates to Clarins' holiday theme (named "Passion"), I skipped it.

Clarins holiday 2011
(images from

To my eye it looks vaguely pre-Columbian - maybe like an Aztec stamp?  Some examples:

Aztec stamp brooklyn
(image from

(image from

Aztec stamp
(image from

So while the pattern is interesting and possibly pre-Columbian inspired, there is no description as to what it is or why it appeared on this highlighter.  With a design that unusual there should be some kind of explanation, at least in my opinion.  Also, it's not very holiday-ish.  Maybe Clarins should have taken a page from these sparkly holiday items - slap some crystals on the palette and call it a day.  :P


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