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Curator's Corner, birthday edition

Mum.cc.3pp Teehee, I celebrated my b-day this week!  While I'm not happy at all about getting older, I do enjoy my birthday as it's the one day a year I give myself total permission to do whatever the hell I feel like doing (or not doing.)  Here are a couple links, followed by some of the highlights from my b-day. 

- How awesome are these makeup-shaped sweets

- Vampy Varnish brings us MUFE's Highline palette.  Would make a nice piece for a NYC-themed exhibition.  ;)

- My very sweet husband surprised me with a gorgeous new bag!  I have dubbed her Rosie, in honor of her rose gold hardware. 



- I took the day off from work for my b-day and made as many treats as my little heart desired.  This, of course, attracted various Museum staff.  First I made champagne cupcakes:


And then peanut butter cookie cups:


And made the custard for cake batter ice cream with buttercream frosting swirled throughout.  It was quite a day! 

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