Curator's Corner, 10/15/2011
Into MM storage: John Tremblay for Shu Uemura

Quick post: Thinking pink with Stila

As we all know October is breast cancer awareness month, a.k.a. "Pinktober".  It's this time of year that makeup companies release all manner of pink-themed products, giving some of the proceeds from those items to breast cancer charities and research.  This year Stila has come up with not one but two palettes for the cause.

The first is the Positive and Pretty palette, featuring a Stila girl in a bandage dress.  Now that I think about it, it might  have been a poor choice of outfit for this theme. 

Stila positive pretty
(image from

The second is the Empowered in Pink palette, which is an Ulta exclusive:

Stila Empowered in Pink
(image from

I'm not really sure why Stila released two BCA palettes.  It's not unusual for a company to sell a few pink  items, but they're different types of products - for example, Clinique released a special edition of their Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion that had a miniature picture frame keychain attached to it, along with a set of mini lip glosses.  So I think it's weird for Stila to come up with two of virtually the same thing.   Of course it's for a good cause so at the end of the day that's what's important, but I still think it's odd for them to do this...especially since I think a set of pink lip glazes would have sold better.


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