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Destination Paris: Lancôme fall 2011 palette

As with the Lancôme's Blason palette, this season the company eached back into their history to come up with the inspiration for the fall 2011 collection.  The stand-out, of course, being the Maison Lancôme highlighting powder.

"With the charm of a vintage postcard, the very essence of Paris has been captured in this season’s blush palette. The silhouette of the Eiffel Tower, the typically Parisian Art Nouveau streetlamp lighting the cobbled pavement outside the historical House of Lancôme at 29, rue du Faubourg Saint Honore makes this palette a true work of art."  Indeed!  It really is quite French - very charming and quaint.





With flash:



You can see a picture of how it looks today here.

In addition to hosting a huge boutique, the store added a spa in 1976.  Here are the stairs leading up to it:

(image from

I wish I could have dug up some pics of the original storefront!

Up next for Lancôme:  Kate Winslet and the Golden Hat collection.

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