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Curator's Corner, 10/1/2011

Mum.cc.3pp Rain, rain go away!!  Seriously, it has to stop raining.  I don't think I've seen the sun in almost two weeks and it's killing me.  :(  Oh sure, it peeked out for maybe 5 minutes on Thursday and a little yesterday, but that was it.  Anyway, there were some good things this week so let's get to it.

- I want to see this De Kooning exhibition.  Hopefully I'll make it before it closes.

- A documentary on one of my heros, Kathleen Hanna, is in production!  I always thought someone should make an awesome movie about her!  But more moolah is needed to see it through.  Please please please help out at Kickstarter.

- So the biggest pinball museum in the country opened here in B'more.   Really?  REALLY?  How did this guy manage to get his niche museum off the ground when I can't open mine?  No fair.  *headdesk*

- I think I might die from the cuteness of this blog.   Why I didn't know about it a while ago is beyond me.   Ahoy! 

- In other Uglydoll news, it has come to my attention that two new Babsters have been created.  One is Cookie Chef Babo (only available through a store rebate) and a special edition Cookie Dream Babo, who is red with grey wings!!  I DIE.

Cookie Chef Babo:

(image from giantrobot.com)

Special red Cookie Dream Babo (since he's red and seems to have different colored eyes, my husband is calling him Demon Psycho Babo, which I don't think is very nice.  Babos are sweet innocent little creatures.)

(image from vinylpulse.com)

So my latest endeavor, naturally, is to obtain both.  They will be so happy to meet the rest of their webby-pawed family here.

Happy weekend!

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