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Curator's Corner, 9/3/2011

Mum.cc.3ppAlthough I haven't been blogging the past couple of weeks,  I still feel like I never have enough time for my to-do list.   I seriously don't know where the time goes!  I'm a little sad this weekend even though it's a holiday because 1. last year at this time I was honeymooning in Paris, and 2. it's the last weekend of summer.  That means horrible cold dark winter is just around the corner.  :(  But I will try to stay positive so in that spirit, here are some good things from this week (and maybe last, I can't remember) that were catching my eye.

- How cute are these lip balms posted by Beautiful with Brains?  The little creatures remind me of Museum staff. 

- I love anything miniature, so I really want to see this exhibition at NYC's Museum of Arts and Design.

- New perfume by L'Artisan - I'm pretty sure their Ananas Fizz is my all-time favorite perfume (maybe tied with Creed Virgin Island Water), but I'm very intrigued by this, as the notes include "lemon, coconut, caipirinha accord (lime and sugar cane), mint..."  Sounds like something I'd love.  Plus the name is awesome - who wouldn't want to wear something called Batucada?

- Glossed Over completed her 5th live blogging of September Vogue last week - as with years past, it's a must-read.  Go NOW and read it.  I'll wait.

- DessertBuzz has the scoop on the Laduree opening in NYC.  How I wish I had been there!  Fortunately there is a local bakery, Bonjour Bakery and Cafe, that makes scrumptious macarons.  My very thoughtful husband picked some up for me:


Of course, I managed to devour one whole bag in a matter of minutes. 

Happy Labor Day!

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