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Curator's Corner, 8/13/2011

Stila Laguna Beach palette

Summer is coming to a close (sniff!) and so is the second Stila travel palette series.  As I've said before, overall I was disappointed in the concept for these, but that wasn't enough to prevent me from buying them, as I can't resist Stila girls!  It's my dream to have an entire wing of the Museum devoted to them...an entire army marching all over the walls.

Anyway, the last palette in the series is Living the Life in Laguna. 



With flash:




Here's a screenshot of the "polaroids" used to give more information:


And the bio of  "Ali", who I don't think appeared in any of the other palettes.


Poor Ali.  Seems like a trip to the beach would be just what the doctor ordered.  According to the poloroids, she hit up several beaches and a day spa; however, did anyone else notice that the "Attractions" one and the "Shopping" one are exactly the same?  Why not just have one picture with both?  Sigh.  Oh Stila, you kinda blew it with these palettes!  Please give me a job and I will take care of coming up with compelling themes and copy for the Stila girls.  They're too cute not to give them their due diligence!

Since I want to end on a positive note, I will say that I adore the lifeguard house and boardwalk, especially since those images weren't pictured in any of the other beach palettes.  I'll take a beach without a boardwalk any day of the week, but some of my fondest childhood memories are of strolling along the boardwalk with my family on our summer vacations down the shore.  So that almost makes up for the lackluster concept.  Almost.  :)

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