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Stila is Wonderful in Waikiki

"Aloha means goodbye/and also hello/it's in how you inflect" - Pavement, Blue Hawaiian


Hope you enjoyed that little musical interlude.  Anyway, it's time to break out the poi and the ukelele 'cause Stila's heading to Hawaii!



With flash:




Here's a screenshot of the Waikiki information page at the website:

Waikiki screen shot

And the bio of "Chelsea" (who went to Paris last year):

(images from stilacosmetics.com)

You know, reading this bio and the polaroids makes me wish Stila had stuck with the diary and map format of the older travel palette series.  Initially I was happy to see a change, but none of these newer palettes seem to measure up to the ones from last year.  The copy is positively insipid (the entry for shopping in this one is particularly bad) and all of the girls sound pretty much the same personality-wise - I'm not even sure why the company bothered to try to write a bio for each.   It's a shame too, as Stila could have done a lot more with these.  Mercifully there's only one left in the series, which I will complain about next week.  :P 

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