Stila is Wonderful in Waikiki
Curator's Corner, 8/6/2011

Friday fun: new MM staff member!

The Makeup Museum is pleased to welcome its newest staff member, Cookie Dream Babo!  As you can see, within minutes of arriving he found his way to the cookie jar:

Cookie dream babo

Here's his official story:  "When Babo sleeps he dreams of cookies, but when he wakes up he has even bigger dreams. What are your dreams? See that building over there? See that car? That road? That all came from an idea in someone's mind. So when someone tells you it's all in your head, smile as wide as Babo does, because you're on your way. Babo may be a dreamer, but he knows the dreams become real through action. So now it's time to wake up and eat the cookie."

And as my husband predicted,  he is indeed two-sided.  Cookie Dream Babo will be serving as Education Specialist, when he's not asleep.  I originally was going to have him work as a docent, but he kept nodding off during the practice tours (I think he might be slightly narcoleptic) so I had to move him to education.  Hopefully  he will dream up cool educational programs and events in addition to delicious cookies.  :)

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