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Quick post: Desert Rose bronzer from Lancôme

Curator's corner, 6/25/2011'm a little sad that the best part of summer (for me, anyway - the solstice) is already over!  I feel like it was just Memorial Day yesterday.  Summer always goes too fast and winter always goes too slow.  Such is life.  Anyway, here's what I was digging this week.

- I guess with no wedding coming up my urge to entertain is in high gear.  Even though it's for a kid, I love this yellow birthday party.  And I've mentioned it before but after seeing this, I really really want to have an ice cream social.

- Failing that, I'd love to re-organize our kitchen so that all of our spices, etc. would be as neatly organized as this.  I'm sure my husband would be thrilled to spend a lot of time designing and making labels for everything.  *sarcasm*

- Pile of Craft, the Charm City Craft Mafia's cool craft expo, is today.   I can never leave Pile of Craft without buying at least 3 items - such great stuff from very talented area crafters!

- BellaSugar posts about these really awesome makeup drawings that are actually made with makeup.

- I saved the best for last - a new Babster from UglyDoll creator David Horvath.  I've already pre-ordered him from E-bay, but he won't be shipped until after July 20.  I want to cuddle him NOW!

Cookie dream babo
(image from

I was confused as to whether there were 2 versions of him - one with eyes closed and one with eyes open.  However, my clever husband figured out the mystery:  his conclusion is that the little fella is double-sided!  There are several two-sided Uglydolls already so this theory makes sense.  Guess we'll find out when he arrives!

What are you coveting this week?

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