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May 2011

On the horizon: Paul & Joe summer 2011

I must say I liked this summer's theme for Paul & Joe.  I felt like it totally captured a peaceful, relaxing time at some gorgeous beach I've never been to but am dreaming of.  "Paul & Joe invite you to discover L'HORIZON BLEU - a tropical and romantic place where the sea meets the sky and blur into one.  You can drift off into the horizon on a tranquil sea of blue or be brave to plunge into the depth of color and tropical delights you never dream existed beneath the surface of Paul & Joe Beaute.  This summer dive into the bleu, L'HORIZON BLEU from Paul & Joe Beaute."  

Normally I'd think blue plastic packaging was tacky, but I really liked it in conjunction with the fish design and the warm tones of the bronzer:


With flash:



The fish are so cool - they remind me of some kind of elegant fountain you'd find in Rome or Florence, like this.

I also got the whale blotting sheets but was too lazy to take a pic.   Oops.  They will make an appearance in the MM's summer exhibition, however.  :)

Curator's corner, 5/28/2011

Mum.cc.3ppHooray!  Summer is officially here.  Well, maybe not officially, as the first day of summer isn't technically till June 21 with the summer solstice, so I guess this is the unofficial start.  Who cares, the important thing is that I get a day off.  :P  Here's what I was looking at this week.

- Good to see that Riot Grrrl, even though it's old enough now that its artifacts are now in museums, is still an influence on today's young'uns.

- Cool Vivienne Westwood shoe exhibition going on in Beirut.

- Some of the Museum staff might be starring in an animated film!  This is very exciting news.

- How awesome is this Disney-inspired eye shadow?  Naturally my favorite is the Alice in Wonderland look:

(image from styleist.com)

Hope everyone has a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

Catchin' a wave: MAC Surf Baby collection

Surf's up!  Overall I liked the design for this collection, especially the yellow and grey stripes with a pop of hot pink.  (Okay, I love anything yellow and grey, but I do really think it was spot-on for this.)  I also liked the white casing - such a refreshing change from MAC's usual black.

Mac surf pencil
(image from maccosmetics.com)

The must-have from the collection was My Paradise blush, if only because it has a pretty shimmery hibiscus on it:




With flash:


I have never gone surfing nor will I ever, but if I did, I'd definitely pack this in my makeup bag.  (Yes, I would wear makeup to go surfing!)

Incan inspiration for Guerlain summer

While I majored in art history in college, the only non-European and U.S. art I studied was African - ancient South American art wasn't offered.   For shame!  Investigating this Guerlain collection was a lot of fun and now I have books on Incan art on my already-huge Amazon wishlist.

Here is the Terra Indigo eye shadow palette.  For some reason the pics came out blur-tacular, not sure why.  Hmmph.



With flash:


 "Like colorful Incan qompi fabrics woven from shadows and pigments, the Terre Indigo eyeshadow unites all of their tones into a single palette," says the product description.  Hmm, what are qompi fabrics?  A quick Google search reveals that they were fine, high-threadcount cloths reserved for the most important community figures.  The geometric patterns adorning them were called tocapus.   The amount and intricacy of patterns corresponded to the rank of the person wearing them.   (This is really the basic info in a nutshell - it was a very complex system and the Incas put great importance on the clothing they made.  You can read more here and here.)  Anyway, here's an example of a tocapu:

image from http://www.geocities.com/denniskriz/tocapu03-complex.html

I cropped one of the triangular patterns that seems to be the  most similar to the one on the palette.  I'm still not sure where Guerlain is getting the circles though - in all the pics I came across of the tocapus I noticed there was a lack of circular shapes.

Tocapu crop

Onto the bronzer.  According to the ad copy at Sephora, it was "inspired by the design of extra-large wooden bangles, a trend of the season", but I thought the outer looked more like a partial Incan quipu - a set of knotted cords woven together to record numerical information. 


Here's a quipu, for comparison:

(image from nytimes.com)

Pretty cool, eh?

Here's the inside.  I'm not sure what this was supposed to be - it sort of reminded me of a sundial, but I couldn't find any pictures of similar-looking Incan sundials to support this theory. 



With flash:



While I think overall this collection could have been a little more authentic-looking, it seems that some thought did go into the design, and the inspiration was very clear.   It definitely inspired me - now I want to pop down to Dumbarton Oaks in DC to check out their Pre-Columbian collection.  :)

Curator's corner, 5/21/2011

Mum.cc.3pp I can't believe it's almost the official start of summer!  I'm not looking forward to the heat, but the longer days are worth it.  Here's what caught my eye during this pre-summer week.

- I love the little guys on these snack packages - their big chompers  remind me of the Museum's security guards.  ;)

- On similar lines I adore these mugs!

- Karen at makeupandbeautyblog explains the strange new invention of digital eye shadow.

- Some blog love for my favorite store.  Finally!

- The Morgan Library has a really cool exhibition about medieval illuminated manuscripts and the fashion depicted in them.

(image from themorgan.org)

Have a great weekend!

Aaar, matey! DuWop's Pirates of the Caribbean Isla Serena collection

As you're probably aware due to the overwhelming amount of trailers, the 4th installment of Pirates of the Caribbean opens this weekend.  In honor of that, here's a quick peek at DuWop's Isla Serena collection, which is a tie-in to the movie.

(image from kissandmakeup.tv)

(image from shop.duwop.com)

The shell compacts are a little gimmicky and they have been done before, but they would look cute in the Museum's summer exhibition.  I like the vintagey, treasure map feel of the palette, but I do wish they had put some mermaids on it!  I won't lie, I'm positively dying to see the movie simply because it has mermaids.  ;)


Happy International Museum Day!

I know, I know, every year on this day I say pretty much the same thing - that hopefully one day the Makeup Museum will be a real 501c3 organization with a brick-and-mortar space.   Sadly I don't think I've gotten any closer to that goal, so let's just check out this link on chocolate museums.  Nothing soothes failure like chocolate!


Stila Haute in the Hamptons

Here's the second palette in the second Stila travel series. 


The inside in natural light and with flash:



Quote (rather uninspired, as it could have come from anyone - I would prefer an attributed quote):



Stila reverted back to using a fictional Stila girl ("Olivia", who appeared on the Moscow palette) but this time around they gave her a little bio:

(images from stilacosmetics.com)

Er, sorry Stila but growing up in an "affluent" neighborhood and being able to vacation in the Hamptons does, in fact, mean that Olivia has it easy (moneywise, anyway).  :P  Snarkiness aside, the design is cute, and the dress she's wearing makes me happy because it reminds me of the dress I wore to my wedding rehearsal dinner:

Theory brianna

(image from seftonfashion.com)

Overall though this is not among my favorite Stila travel palettes.  Let's see what they have up their sleeve for the next one.

Curator's corner, 5/7/2011

Mum.cc.3pp What a week!  All the talk of Cinco de Mayo made me go out and eat a burrito and chips with guacamole on Thursday.  Usually I try only to splurge on such treats on the weekends, but I couldn't resist.  Anyway, here are some other things that caught my attention this week.

- Beauty Blogging Junkie brings us a pic of a gorgeous vintage Tiffany CoverGirl compact.  How did I not know about the Procter & Gamble beauty archive until now?!

- In other makeup collectible news, a Japanese wooden cosmetic box is expected to sell for a whopping 200,000-250,000 British pounds.

- I love Lululemon's products but hate the stupid preachy brand philosophy, especially the ridiculous slogans on their shopping bags. (Admittedly, I use them for the farmer's market.  Hey, they're roomy and sturdy!)  Naturally I found this parody to be hilarious.

- Argh, looks like I missed the Kinetic Sculpture Race at the Visionary Art Museum yet again.

- A friend of ours sent us links to some videos from this oh-so-twee band from Spain.   I wish I could remember my Spanish!  Warning: if you watch below you will NOT be able to get the very catchy tune out of your head!  And, oh yeah, the video itself is kinda violent and macabre.  :P


This one is much happier and will be my summer anthem - sailing off to "la isla de los helados" ("ice cream island", I think) sounds like a blast!

"El helado es el rey." Indeed.  Hope everyone's having a nice ice-cream filled weekend!