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Curator's corner, 5/7/2011 What a week!  All the talk of Cinco de Mayo made me go out and eat a burrito and chips with guacamole on Thursday.  Usually I try only to splurge on such treats on the weekends, but I couldn't resist.  Anyway, here are some other things that caught my attention this week.

- Beauty Blogging Junkie brings us a pic of a gorgeous vintage Tiffany CoverGirl compact.  How did I not know about the Procter & Gamble beauty archive until now?!

- In other makeup collectible news, a Japanese wooden cosmetic box is expected to sell for a whopping 200,000-250,000 British pounds.

- I love Lululemon's products but hate the stupid preachy brand philosophy, especially the ridiculous slogans on their shopping bags. (Admittedly, I use them for the farmer's market.  Hey, they're roomy and sturdy!)  Naturally I found this parody to be hilarious.

- Argh, looks like I missed the Kinetic Sculpture Race at the Visionary Art Museum yet again.

- A friend of ours sent us links to some videos from this oh-so-twee band from Spain.   I wish I could remember my Spanish!  Warning: if you watch below you will NOT be able to get the very catchy tune out of your head!  And, oh yeah, the video itself is kinda violent and macabre.  :P


This one is much happier and will be my summer anthem - sailing off to "la isla de los helados" ("ice cream island", I think) sounds like a blast!

"El helado es el rey." Indeed.  Hope everyone's having a nice ice-cream filled weekend!

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