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On the horizon: Paul & Joe summer 2011

Curator's corner, 5/28/2011!  Summer is officially here.  Well, maybe not officially, as the first day of summer isn't technically till June 21 with the summer solstice, so I guess this is the unofficial start.  Who cares, the important thing is that I get a day off.  :P  Here's what I was looking at this week.

- Good to see that Riot Grrrl, even though it's old enough now that its artifacts are now in museums, is still an influence on today's young'uns.

- Cool Vivienne Westwood shoe exhibition going on in Beirut.

- Some of the Museum staff might be starring in an animated film!  This is very exciting news.

- How awesome is this Disney-inspired eye shadow?  Naturally my favorite is the Alice in Wonderland look:

(image from

Hope everyone has a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

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