Happy International Museum Day!
Curator's corner, 5/21/2011

Aaar, matey! DuWop's Pirates of the Caribbean Isla Serena collection

As you're probably aware due to the overwhelming amount of trailers, the 4th installment of Pirates of the Caribbean opens this weekend.  In honor of that, here's a quick peek at DuWop's Isla Serena collection, which is a tie-in to the movie.

(image from kissandmakeup.tv)

(image from shop.duwop.com)

The shell compacts are a little gimmicky and they have been done before, but they would look cute in the Museum's summer exhibition.  I like the vintagey, treasure map feel of the palette, but I do wish they had put some mermaids on it!  I won't lie, I'm positively dying to see the movie simply because it has mermaids.  ;)


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