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Couture Monday: lovely in lace

I was going through the Museum archives when I realized I never discussed this pretty collection from Dior last spring.  Whoops!  So here is the gorgeous pink powder:



Lace blush

Apparently there was an Asia-exclusive peach version of this blush as well.  There was also another blush in slightly different packaging:


And two eye shadow palettes:

Pearl glow
(images from 

While I didn't manage to get my hands on those (budget issues, sigh) I'm glad I was abl to at least get the blush.  Anyway, lace was abound in Dior's spring 2010 collection, so it was great to see it highlighted in the makeup collection.  John Galliano was inspired by Lauren Bacall and 1940s noir glam, which is evident in both the silhouettes and materials used in the collection.



(all images from

I'm pleased that Dior carried the boudoir lace idea into the cosmetic line, but the weird thing is that the description for the makeup states that the design is based on a "vintage 1920s Dior lace pattern." So which is it, 1940s or 20s?  I think in this case it doesn't much matter - lace is in both the fashion and makeup collections, which is good enough for me!

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