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Couture Monday: lovely in lace

Curator's Corner: Happy (almost) Easter! Well, it's almost Easter, which I think I like even more than Halloween as more and different types of chocolate are involved. While normally I give in to my chocoholic tendencies and share what the Easter Bunny brought me (as I did last year),  this year, in honor of Philosophy's amazing Sugar Chick 3 in 1, I am devoting this installment of Curator's Corner to all things Peep! 

- Mmm, chocolate-dipped Peeps.

- These peep-stuffed brownies also sound delightful.

- My favorite thing about Peeps is how silly-looking they get after you blow them up in the microwave!  This post has a round-up of the best Peep microwaving videos.

- Finally, as an art aficionado I just adored this Mondrian Peep display, courtesy of Cakespy.


Happy Easter, peeps!  ;)

P.S. Do you love the totally sweet custom Curator's Corner logo?  Thanks to my awesome husband for making it. :)

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