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You spin me right round: new rotating mascaras

Volume-Fast-Perfect-mascara If vibrating mascaras were the big beauty tech breakthrough of 2008, spinning mascara wands are the 2011 version.  Bourjois Volume Fast and Perfect Mascara, which will be released in May, features a rotating wand that promises to coat each and every lash to give perfect volume and definition.  You can watch a video of how it works here.


(image from beautyandthedirt.com)





Diorshow360 Meanwhile, Dior introduced a spinning version of the ever popular DiorShow mascara, called DiorShow 360.  This product allegedly "mimics a makeup artist's application technique for a perfect 360-degree lash-styling effect...this mascara features a spinning brush that rotates in both directions to adapt to every need, whether you're left or right-handed or you want to pump up the upper or lower lashes." 

As with vibrating mascaras, I'm skeptical these would actually work better than a traditional non-moving wand.   Still, I think these have more validity than the vibrating ones - I think that the motion could in fact yield better results than a manual wand.  

I remember with the vibrating mascaras the mass fear of poking one's eyes out.   Does a rotating wand present the same threat?  Hard to say.    



(image from sephora.com)


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