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Stila Live from the Red Carpet palettes

This post would have undoubtedly been more appropriate around the Oscars a few weeks ago, but I just couldn't get to it in time.  Stila collaborated with E! TV to create 4 palettes featuring Stila girl starlets.  I only bought one, although I hope to get all 4 eventually.  Here is the "Breathtaking Beauty" palette.



I also got the Camera Ready Blockbuster palette, which apparently features "the exact beauty arsenal that Pro artists bring with them on red-carpet house calls."  I liked that it folded out.






While I'm disappointed that Stila is continuing their celebrity/red-carpet look themed-palettes (see my post on this), I liked that the paparazzi in the palettes are "real" instead of drawings like the Stila girls.  It was a nice touch - not necessarily ground-breaking, but interesting nevertheless. 

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