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Curator's Corner, 3/26/11

Paul & Joe Parasol

I like that Paul & Joe had an actual painting in mind as the inspiration for their spring 2011 collection.  From their website:  "Paul & Joe Beaute blossoms in spring 2011 with 'Parasol', a fun and decadent collection inspired by 'Woman with a Parasol' and other Impressionist artworks that capture the sensual essence of [an] indulgent spring afternoon.  Drift away under the shadow of a parasol and let your imagination wander, as you gaze at the twirling colors that seem to dance from the cascading sunlight.  Dare to dream with the delectable colors of spring that promise to awaken your soul and stir your senses."

Here is Woman with a Parasol by Monet, 1885:

(image from

But I think this one, with the same title and completed in 1886, is the image Paul & Joe is referencing.

(image from

I liked that the face and eye colors for this collection came in hexagon boxes meant to mimic a parasol's shape.  Looking back, I'm not sure I didn't buy one...hopefully it will still be available!

Parasol eye shadow
(image from

The lipstick designs are quite pretty; however, I don't think they're overly reminiscent of the painting or even Impressionism in general.  They're fairly typical Paul & Joe designs.

From left to right:  Alfresco (069), Chantilly (070), and Afternoon Delight (071):




The print from Afternoon Delight appeared on this dress:

Paul joe spring 2011 dress
(image from

I actually like this print better on the dress than on the lipstick, which is odd considering I don't usually like prints, especially floral ones.   Like many Monets, however, I'm guessing it looks better far away than up close.  ;) 

Overall I loved that Paul & Joe based an entire collection on a painting.  While I wished they would have had more of an Impressionist feel, the lipstick prints displayed the usual delicate prettiness we come to expect from Paul & Joe.  And I loved the literal interpretation of the parasol within the shape of the face and eye colors.  I look forward to the summer collection!

p.s. Because I was such a good customer, (where I ordered the lipsticks) gave me this little bag as a GWP.  It's got the kitty from the fall 2009 collection:


Yay for free collectibles!

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