Slow and steady: Chantecaille turtle palette
Couture Monday: YSL Boheme Libertine

True blue: MAC Jeanius collection

I wasn't originally going to buy all 4 eye shadows from MAC's Jeanius collection, but convinced myself after realizing I owned jeans in the same colors as the shadows - I can't believe I have white, grey, black and dark blue!  Didn't know I liked jeans that much.  :)

White Jeanius and Diva in Distress:


With flash:


Motorhead and Stovepipe:


With flash:



I was going to do a summary of the history and evolution of jeans as we know them today, but got overwhelmed at the over 22 million Google hits when I typed in "history of denim".  Yikes.  That task is best left to a fashion professor!

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