Friday fun (?): Child's play
A truly blissful spring palette from Stila

Curator's Corner: happy (almost) spring!

Robin I wish I could say that the pic of the little fella to the left was mine, but alas.  It's officially spring tomorrow and I haven't seen one robin!  Sigh.  It can be 70 degrees and sunny, but unless I see a robin spring isn't really here.  Anyway, here's a roundup of what I was looking at this week.

- An unretouched makeup ad from Makeup Forever was revealed with much fanfare.  However, I'm of the "big deal" school of thought

- Loved this Scoop post comparing Anthropologie ads to Spanish bodegons.  Similar to my posts comparing makeup ads to various works of art.  :)

- Must buy this DVD!

- Anyone else going to see the "Supermoon" tonight?  I think it's pretty cool!

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