MAC and Marcel Wanders
Curator's corner, 3/5/11

Quick update

Hello!  I thought I'd update quickly to say that I'm down, but not out - just taking a little winter break.  Since late November I have been plagued by an extremely frustrating injury that is severely limiting my activities and that refuses to fully heal.  It's basically the injury equivalent of bedbugs:  extremely hard to get rid of once you have it,  impervious to many treatments, and very annoying and disruptive but not life-threatening.   It's been sapping all of my energy and concentration and thus, I haven't been able to properly work on the blog.   I am sad I gave up on posting around the holidays, because I did actually have a nice holiday exhibition ready to go along with some other things, but I just couldn't keep up.   I'm hoping physical therapy will work its magic and I'll be much improved in another few weeks.  So look for posts then, when I'm able to think straight!  In the meantime, I will be clawing my way back to recovery and waiting out stupid old winter. 

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