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Stila is fabulous in Fiji

Here is the last palette (well, the originally intended last) palette in Stila's travel palette series. Stila girl "Ali" journeys to Fiji.



With flash:


Did anyone else find this Amelia Earhart quote to be a little off-putting?  I admire her accomplishments but let's not forget the poor woman died trying to circle the globe solo.   To put this quote on a happy-feeling, travel-inspired palette seems to be in poor taste given Earhart's untimely demise.


Anyway, here's a screenshot of the map:

Fiji map

I found the travel diary to be a little uninspired but it's okay - you can't really say much about lounging on gorgeous beaches all day.  Lucky Ali.  I'd give anything to escape the horrible cold days of winter and set sail for Fiji this time of year!

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