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New (old) Stila paint cans

Couture Monday: YSL Rock n Baroque

FALL_PALETTE_LRG I'm still trying to figure out the design on this palette.  From the website:  "YSL's New Limited Edition Palette for Complexion is inspired by YSL Fashion. This season's star is embellished with a detail of passementerie engraved on the emblematic YSL compact in contrasting matte and shiny gold. This powder in interlacing barely-there shades will give you sinful radiance."  Hmm, to my eye it looks like a big squiggly blob.  I must admit I didn't know exactly what passementerie was, but a quick Google search revealed that it is type of trimming, most often in gold or silver cord or silk and used in a range of fashion items (prominent, oddly enough, in military uniforms.)  While it does look like the examples I found, I still say overall it's not a very interesting design - the company could have done a lot more with a fashion detail that has such a rich history.  I don't think YSL is especially known for passementerie details either, so this seems pretty uninspired.  I will save Museum funds for something better!

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